Welcome, welcome. As the mayor of Hamlin, I am thrilled that you are opening  up a bakery in our small town. The townsfolk and I have missed delicious baked goods since the last bakery was shut down by the health department. But I'm sure you won't have that problem, right? Of course you won't. I can tell by just looking at you. 


Each day orders will appear on the order board. You can fill each order by selecting the appropriate flavor of cake and frosting and then clicking the SHIP CAKE button. If you wish to skip an order because you screwed it up, you can click the SKIP button.


I'm a jack-of-all-trades solo dev. Programming was done in Unity, sound was made using  Audacity, BeepBox & Chip Tone, graphics were hand painted/cut/scanned. 

THEME - "The Game is a Liar"

Wait.  I played the game for a few of minutes and it's just a cute bakery simulator. How does it fit into to the theme, "The Game is a Liar"?

The game lies to you two ways: first, there is a hidden win-lose mechanic that is hinted at, but not explicitly stated. (Try to play for 30 days in-game to reach one of several possible endings). Second... well... that comes from my background.

If you don't have time to do a full play through, you can click on the spoilers below:

The Game Lies To win the game you must notice that some of the orders are 'strange'. Those orders come from the mice  living under your bakery. To prevent the mice from overrunning your bakery, you have to skip the mouse orders while filling the customer orders correctly. 
The Game is a Lie This 'game' is actually a close reading exercise forcing the reader to pay attention to words instead of skimming. Both the misspellings that the mice make and the reversal of the order in which the frosting and cake types appear forces the reader to pay close attention. This is a vital skill for beginning (and dyslexic) readers to master so they can read textbooks in High School and beyond.

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